Drupal and TinyMCE with Spell checker

I have a Drupal (4.7.2) website on our intranet. It seems to be extremely flexible and has many features built in. However, it does not have a WYSIWYG editor. Not everyone needs one, but people think it’s important and it can be a barrier to use.

So I looked around a little bit on the Drupal website and found the TinyMCE plugin for Drupal. I downloaded it and went through the installation instructions. I also needed to download the editor itself from the TinyMCE website. While I was there, I also found some plugins on the download page, the compressor and the spell checker. The spell checker is capable of using many different sources of information. I decided I want to use Google, partly to avoid maintaining a dictionary.

I finish installing and configuring everying, finally, it’s time to test the plugin. And what do I find? Everything works except the spellchecker. I get the following error in IE and in Firefox, “Could not execute AJAX call, server didn’t return valid a xml.” (sigh)

A quick search turns up the following page on Moxiecode and this one at Drupal. I see that I’m not the only one with this problem. I followed the instructions at Moxiecode in comment #29 and I have ended up with a slightly different result. Now it says I don’t have spell checking enabled, and I should enable it in config.php. It is enabled, and if I comment out the check in tinyspell.php, I get the AJAX error message again. It just doesn’t seem to work. I believe I have everything configured correctly but I am not seeing any other error messages related to the spell checker. Perhaps I’m not looking in the right spot. I did see a suggestion that PHP error/warning/notice messages are being output with the XML and that patching should fix the problem. I guess I’ll try turning off the error messages next.

As an alternative, I could just use the spell checker built into the Google Toolbar, it works quite well. I could have people use something like BlogDesk or the Performancing plugin for Firefox. Ideally, I would just fix it, but I’m not knowledgable enough to troubleshoot it.
One thing that seems to be missing in these error reports is information about the servers. I am using XAMPP 1.4.16 for Windows on Windows XP SP2. It has Apache 2.0.something, PHP 5.0.5, MySQL 4.1.14 and more which probably isn’t relevant when speaking about Drupal. Well, I do have eAccelerator and the Zend Optimizer enabled, which may make a difference.


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