Thoughts on Zooomr so Far

I have been using Zooomr for just over a month now. Overall, the site is nice and it has some very interesting features. Portals were recently added and I really like the Geo-tagging feature. That’s how I managed to see some of the Sunflower Festival parade for the first time in many years (not that I haven’t seen a parade before).

There are many features that are not there yet but only two really bother me.

First of all, there is no bulk uploader to be found. Currently, photos can be uploaded in two ways, by e-mail and in an upload form. I have only tried e-mailing photos once, shortly after the 2.0 launch. Just two of the five pictures made it and it took two or three days. As for the form, it does work, but you can only upload a maximum of 10 pictures at once, selecting one file at a time and you can’t change the title at the same time. It’s a hassle. Now, having complained about the uploading process, I must add that jUploadr is currently in beta testing with Zooomr. I’m tempted to try building it from CVS.

And the second one? There is no batch editor. I would like to be able to update tags, titles, and descriptions without having to go to each individual photo. It is much quicker especially when you can’t set everything how you want during the upload process. I also have a tendency to decide how the photos should be tagged after the photos are uploaded. There are some people who have thousands of photos on Zooomr. They’re far more patient than I am.

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