jUploadr 1.1 Beta – My Extremely Lengthy Build Process

I finally managed to get jUploadr built. The instructions are short but it took me a long time.

Step One: Get a Java Development Kit

This was the easiest part. I didn’t have any problems but it went downhill from there.

Step Two: Get Ant

I didn’t have any trouble downloading ant, but I did have problems making it work. I had an error about not being able to find tools.jar, but I found the answer quickly. I added the apache-ant-1.6.5\bin directory to the path, set JAVA_HOME to the JDK I just installed, and set ANT_HOME to apache-ant-1.6.5. Everything seemed like it would be easy. Little did I know what was next.

Step Three: Get the Source Code AKA, My I-D-10-T Error of the Week

Now this one took me a long time. I tried WinCVS first. I thought I had it configured correctly, but it just wasn’t working and the error message didn’t mean anything to me. After half an hour, I uninstalled it and tried using TortoiseCVS. This time, I got a more useful error message. I saw that it couldn’t connect to the server which made absolutely no sense. I could ping it and I could browse the CVS tree, but Tortoise just didn’t work. After a few minutes of seeing this pointless error message, I finally realized that something else was getting in the way. It turns out that PeerGuardian2 was the culprit. I installed it earlier in the day and it was blocking the Tortoise. As soon as I stopped PG2, CVS worked perfectly. It took three minutes to download.

Step Four: Compile jUploadr

It took nine seconds to build and I finally had a compiled version of jUploadr. It was anticlimactic.

Once I have some time, I’ll try it out. I have plenty of pictures to test it with.

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Edit: Fixed the path names.


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