HOWTO: Installing lighttpd, PHP, and MySQL on Windows XP

I recently had to change computers at work because of a hardware failure. Unfortunately, my new one is a somewhat less capable. The biggest issue is the lack of RAM (only half a gig? That’s practically useless! And what’s up with Dell getting rid of PS/2 ports?). Anyway, I had an older version of XAMPP running on the old one for internal use and found that Apache can be a bit of a memory hog. Also, I was using the Python plug-in and it seems like they stopped development on that. I had no particular reason to stay with XAMPP anymore.

It was time to try a different web server, one that was a little less weighty (okay, that’s an awful pun). I had looked at lighttpd in the past but no Windows binaries were available. However, there is one maintained here (v1.4.11). (Here’s a new link, the website was changed)  Installation was fast and simple, although it would have been nice to pick the install directory. However, I didn’t have to compile it, so I won’t complain too much. It worked right away, and the sample page was up and running.

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