How to Use Synergy

I remember reading about Synergy a while ago and now I have a chance to use it. I’ve been working on a Linux server so I can try out some web apps such as Opengroupware. Both computers are at my desk and I was annoyed with having to switch keyboards. Plus, I grabbed the wrong one half the time.

The documentation was a little confusing at first but it’s working nicely now.

The Windows computer is my primary computer, the one that has the mouse and keyboard that I plan to use. I installed the Synergy program and started the configuration. In the first window that comes up, I selected the option to Share this computer’s keyboard and mouse. Then in the Configure button, I added both screens (fedora and safety2) and then created links between them. I believe if you don’t create the links, the cursor will not change screens. I also went into the AutoStart dialogue and set Synergy to start automatically when I log in.
Next, on the Linux computer, I installed Synergy with Synaptic. There are two executable files that are installed, synergyc and synergys. Because I wanted to control the Linux computer remotely, I used synergyc. I’m not completely sure if I had to, but I created a synergy.conf file in /etc in the following pattern from the Using Synergy page:

section: screens




section: links


right = screen2


left = screen1


The next step is to start Synergy on the Linux computer by running synergyc safety2 in a terminal. Everything should be working, but if not, there is a lot of information on the Synergy web page.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also make the server and client run automatically as the server or client. It’s easy with the windows version and a little more involved for the Linux side of things. Instructions are available at the Synergy website under Autostarting.


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