PHP 5.2 and Upgrading Drupal Without Logging In

I switched computers again, so I had to transfer my Drupal installation again. This time, I followed the instructions at as they are well written and more complete than mine. (Mostly. I didn’t really need the FTP server or the domain name.) And of course, I installed the newest version of each program.

After installation, I started making sure everything was working correctly. The biggest problem I had was with Drupal. I was running 4.7.3 and there is an authentication issue with PHP 5.2. I could log in but as soon as I clicked on anything, I was logged out and got plenty of denied messages. It seemed like Drupal had amnesia.

Fortunately, I found the problem and solution on about it. There were a few things I could do to fix it. I could downgrade PHP, I could patch the current version of Drupal, or I could upgrade Drupal.

I chose to upgrade Drupal to 5.0 RC1. I followed the upgrade instructions but they didn’t work quite as described. I logged in as user 1 but when I tried to access drupal/update.php on my installation, I got a message that said Access Denied. They also listed a quick fix. There is a line near the start of the update.php, $access_check = TRUE;. All I had to do was change this to FALSE and access drupal/update.php again. Everything seemed to work, with no error messages and a reminder to change access_check back to TRUE.


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