T is 365 Days Old

That pesky leap day got in the way, he has to wait one extra day to be 1 year old!  It has been a year of many firsts, for T and for us.  Caring for a child is unique experience and is usually a lot of fun.  Anything that isn’t fun is usually forgotten quickly.

He is already an avid football fan, we are ensuring that he cheers for the right team!Christmas in Altona 2008

Like any son, he has a keen interest in whatever his parents are doing.

Christmas at Home 2008

As an added bonus, we have a picture of me on my first birthday.

Lincoln at his First Birthday

More pictures can be found at Flickr and we will try to post more often this year.


Another long overdue update

I finally got around to uploading pictures on Flickr.  I really should do it more often, T’s changing so fast!

The High Chair at Home 5

He has been eating “solid” (is milky rice really solid?) food occasionally and seems to be liking it.  Also, he has developed a hollow leg and keeps trying to fill it.

Today he has his six month check up (two weeks early).  We’ll find out how much he’s grown since the last time!

Online Picture Sharing – Shall I continue beating a dead horse?

My wife and I recently went on a trip to Nova Scotia to visit my sister. Here’s a picture on the first day. I have many more, but I’m not sure where I’m going to post them yet. I have a flickr account, but I already have about 150 pictures there and don’t want to hide the Mexico pictures (I know, if I paid, the 200 picture limit wouldn’t be an issue on flickr but I don’t use it enough to justify the cost).

This one is located at Zooomr.com and I may put them all there. I like the geotagging aspect of zooomr and I’ll have to investigate some more.

Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove 1A Lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove 1A Hosted on Zooomr

I also like the trackback feature. I would like to know why this flickr picture has more than twice as many views any other ones.

Pop the Balloons!